Traditional Braces Henderson Care

Traditional Braces in Henderson

Braces are a great way for anyone looking to receive a straighter smile. Most people dislike having to wear braces for a variety of concerns that range from the way they look (aesthetics) to the care that is required. Visit our page on the different types of braces for more information on what choice best fits your needs.

If you have traditional metal or ceramic braces Henderson, then you will be required to take the necessary steps in order to maintain your braces so that damage is avoided.

Guidelines on Braces Care

Stuck Food

One thing that will happen more frequently with braces is the chance for food to become stuck in between the brackets. For your oral health, it is important to make sure this food is removed before you go to bed each night. The easiest way to do this is by using a water flosser (i.e. Waterpik®) that uses pressurized water to blast food particles out of your teeth and braces.

Brushing + Flossing

Brushing and flossing is necessary for maintaining both your braces and your teeth/gums. For brushing, make sure you brush between the wires and gums and don’t forget your back molars. Always find a toothbrush small enough to clean your molars without triggers your gag reflex. Flossing can be tricky with braces so have our Henderson orthodontist demonstrate in-office. Special floss threaders exist to make this more manageable.


If you engage in strenuous physical activity or other types of sports, then consult our Henderson dentist for a special orthodontic mouth guard that will help protect your braces from physical damage while playing.

Be careful of Certain Foods

Foods such as gum, taffy, or any other sticky foods should be avoided. Sticky foods are very hard to clean out of your braces and have the potential to damage the wiring or any elastics.

Hard foods such as ice, certain nuts, apples, carrots, and other foods that are hard to bite on may damage your braces. You may still eat these foods, just be cautionary when biting down.

If any problems arise with your braces either to your brackets, wiring, elastics, teeth or gums, then schedule an appointment with our dentist as soon as you can to reverse any damage done.