Henderson Retainers

Retainers in Henderson

It’s very exciting to receive retainers; this is because the hardship of enduring braces for a year or two has finally come to an end. For your results to stay intact, it is highly recommended that you wear a retainer as specified by your Las Vegas orthodontist. Your teeth have a natural tendency to return to their normal out-of-place position. The goal of wearing a retainer is to prevent this phenomenon from happening. Henderson Retainers “retain” the new position of your straightened teeth.

Do you have to wear a retainer forever? Absolutely not. Once your periodontal ligaments and bones have time to set in, then results will be permanent. In other words, your new “normal position” will be the position of straightened teeth. Retainers are often worn all day, every day, for at least the 1st six months after your braces have been removed. It is up to your orthodontist’s discretion on what actions should be taken next.

There are different kinds of retainers that you could choose from:


This type of retainer is usually clear and may be required to wear for 2 years with the 1st six months worn every day all day. After this period, your adult orthodontist may elect to have you wear your clear, plastic retainer only at nights when you go to sleep. This option is a common retainer choice.


Plastic retainers are more common than bonded retainers, which are permanently bonded to the backside of your teeth (typically the bottom teeth) for several years. They aren’t as convenient at plastic retainers, but they offer excellent permanent results over time.


This type of retainer is used after wire or bonded retainers have been worn for a long period of time.

Taking Care of Retainers

Like braces, your retainer must be kept in good shape in order to see the results you seek. Proper retainer maintenance ensures that your retainer is rinsed out daily, as well as taken off before eating and brushing. If you brush a plastic retainer, it has the tendency to scratch. It is good habit to rinse your retainer out every night before you go to bed wearing it. This is done to prevent bacteria buildup in your mouth. Cleaning solutions exist for retainers that can be found at your local grocery store or pharmacy in order to clean them easily and efficiently.

Talk to your Henderson orthodontist about which type of retainer is best for you. If you have any questions or comments regarding Henderson retainers, then contact us either by phone at (702) 838-0707 or through our online form.