Henderson Childrens Braces

Childrens Braces in Henderson

Braces are a great way to correct many issues that lie with our mouth, including our jaw. Many people are born with abnormalities such as underbites, overbites, gapped teeth, etc. Henderson childrens braces have the potential to correct all of these issues, as well as give us the appearance of straight teeth. Straight teeth have been associated with many benefits, including higher self-esteem.

What Time is Right for My Child?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive an orthodontic evaluation by a trained professional no later than the age of 7. The reason for this is because 7 years old is an age where, if problems were to arise, may be detected early on and then corrected for to avoid issues in the future.

Fitting of actual braces may fall anywhere between the ages of 7 and 12. Many orthodontists agree that 7 is often considered too early for braces treatment. However, depending on your case it may be necessary to begin treatment. With that said, generally 12 years old is a great time to begin orthodontics treatment because a large majority of children have received their full set of adult molars, with no baby teeth remaining.

Keep in mind that braces are not always the only recommendation. If your child has an issue with thumb sucking, this is something that will be addressed in the evaluation. If the potential for crowding is detected, your child may be fitted with a special type of orthodontic appliance.

Benefits of Early Intervention

  • Detecting issues early on for better treatment options
  • Correction of developmental problems such as thumb sucking or tongue pushing
  • Lowers risk of damage to protruding teeth
  • Ability to improve child’s smile appearance
  • Avoiding the possibility of invasive dental correction

Choosing The Right Type of Braces

When it’s time to be fitted with Henderson childrens braces, your child will have a couple of options to select from.

Invisalign® – typically not recommended for children, but is a possibility if you believe your child will suffer great shame from traditional metal braces. These are removable, clear braces. The issue with children is they tend to lose the aligners often.

Traditional metal braces – the most cost-effective, tried and true method of correcting orthodontic problems and giving your child a great smile they can be proud of. Most parents believe their children will suffer from embarrassment or shame while undergoing treatment, but this stigma is accepted for children. In other words, it’s expected to have braces as a child.

Clear braces – similar to traditional metal braces, except the color of the brackets matches the shade of your teeth for a more concealed appearance. Children have options for the color of their elastics as well.

Lingual braces – similar to traditional metal braces, except they are bonded to the back of your teeth for a concealed appearance.

Has Your Child Had an Orthodontic Evaluation?

If your child is over 7 years old, then we highly recommend you schedule an orthodontic evaluation with us today. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us, please call 702-803-1825 or request an appointment online.